Howdy, I am Uncle Stevie....I started making BBQ sauce about 15 years ago. It originated from my sister Cindi's BBQ venison recipe and what I learned from a BBQ place near St. Louis.

I spent a few years refining the sauce until it had its own unique and wonderful flavor that focused on real ingredients vs powdered versions of them. I started bringing it to family gatherings and it soon became a family tradition. My family would always ask if I was bringing some Uncle Stevie's sauce and I was happy to make it. Every time they all raved about how good it was saying it was the best they had ever tasted.

my nephew Jeremy got married, he asked if I could make some sauce for his reception. He requested one that was hotter than the original, so along came a spicy (Jalapeño) version. Those two sauces remained the only two that I would make for many more years until I had some friends trying the spicy one saying, "Eh, that is not hot". By this time I had picked up the nickname "Sasquatch" while working at O-I. The spicier sauce also picked up this name and people kept calling it the "Sasquatch Sauce". I knew that if I ever did anything with the sauces, I would like to incorporate "Sasquatch" into the name.

In 2011, I met my wife Jennifer. Our son CJ was reluctant to try the sauce at first since he does not like tomato based things. He tried the stuff and exclaimed "It's life Changing". I didn't know it then but this started the slogans that would end up on all our sauces.

Around 2012, I finally decided to take up the challenge of having a super hot BBQ sauce. I did not want to burn someone's tongue off without tasting my sauce first. I also decided that if this was going to be hot, it would need to be screaming hot. Thus the "Screaming Sasquatch" sauce was born. It did not take long to find the right amount of heat to make this one screaming hot. In fact when I was tasting this one, I had it so hot that I thought I had cut my head open. I even went to the mirror to make sure I had not cut it open. I knew then that I had a sauce worthy of being called "Screaming Sasquatch".

My wife kept saying that I needed to sell my sauces because they are all really good. I made 2017 the year that I would finally try and make my passion into our business. You will find a family member or a close friend featured on the majority of our jars. They were either the inspiration for the sauce or suggested the flavor to us. Each sauce has its own unique and catchy slogan.

Now we find that people are always astounded at how many flavors we have to offer. For me, BBQ sauce is not just a few flavors. It is something to be paired with the food and the mood. This is why you will find a wide range of flavors that we produce. From extremely spicy to the uniqueness of a Lime BBQ sauce, you should be able to find one of our sauces that you will fall in love with. For a more personal touch, you will find a picture of a family member or friend on most of the jars. These are the people who either suggested or inspired the flavor.

Believe it or not, but our sauces have a fan base that spans the world. Our sauces have been to South America, Europe, and even Australia.

Lets hope that the rest is history for us and that you "Make our sauces Your tradition"

You can always email me > Stev[email protected]