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Uncle Stevie's Scrumptious Sasquatch Sauce Uncle Stevie's Sweet-Nini Sasquatch Sauce Uncle Stevie's Smitten Sasquatch Sauce

This is a fan favorite. There is nothing better on your pork than this Apple Butter flavored BBQ Sauce

Tired of the same old sauces.... give this one a try. It is a peach flavored BBQ sauce. This is a Cherry BBQ sauce. The flavor is a tribute for the famous National Cherry Festival in Traverse City Michigan and the name is for all of us Michiganders who are Smitten with the Mitten.
Uncle Stevie's Sissy Sasquatch Uncle Stevie's Shilo Sasquatch Sauce Uncle Stevie's Seriyaki Sasquatch Sauce
Uncle Stevie's Sissy Sasquatch Sauce - a sauce for those of you who have a lightweight pallet and have found The Original Uncle Stevie's BBQ Sauce to be too spicy. This one is inspired by my mom and my friend Karen. This sauce is simply amazing if you are a fan of horseradish. We love this sauce so much with shrimp that we have stopped using the shrimp cocktail sauce!!
We have created a sauce with a nice blend of Teriyaki. Try it on your chicken, fish, pork, or beef.
Uncle Stevie's Scurry Sasquatch Sauce
A Curry BBQ sauce.  You will be amazed